Shammi & Boy’s Trip has started


Shammi’s new journey is about to begin

Shammi’s Boy’s Trip has started. All his special friends are with him on this Boy’s Trip. In this blog, you will know how Shammi planned his journey. First of all, everyone goes to a bar, as usual, everyone drinks beer. There he talks about Shammi’s makeup tutorial. Shammi laughs at him and says I don’t want you to see that tutorial.

After that Shammi gives us a flashback. And let us tell you that in the latest episode of Shammi Un-Cut, He was cooking. And he was getting very bored. So he peed in apple juice and gave it to Austin. And on this Austin got angry and Shammi said that Austin was behaving like a child. But then he asked to forget this incident and talked about enjoying the trip.

Shammi said that we are not on vacation, this is a boy’s trip, so no, no rules, no limits. And tomorrow Shammi’s Boy’s Trip has started. After that when Shammi sees a girl group there. So an idea comes to his mind. Why not make a joke that one of us will go and say. sorry ladies I’m off the market I really got a girlfriend.

After this, he decides by playing a small game. Shammi will go to say all this. And Shammi says the same line, the reaction of the girls was quite strange. After this everyone thinks of going to the beach club but it gets closed. Even after this, the fun does not stop here.

And yes I remembered Shammi’s birthday from the beach. If you want to know what happened on Shammi’s birthday. Then click on the given link. Trust me guys you will enjoy reading this.

In the next blog, we will know more about Shammi’s trip. Now it has to be seen what other fun things are left to be done on this boy’s trip.

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  1. I love you guys, you are hilarious😂. I would like to buy a t-shirt if I could! You all are handsome too! I’m up half the night watching the videos.


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