Shammi’s Dangerous Tightrope Challenge


Shammi’s Dangerous Tightrope Challenge

Shammi played a dangerous Tightrope Challenge

All of you are welcome in this new blog Shammi’s Dangerous Tightrope Challenge so stay with us Challenge is a category that Shammi enjoys doing, so we see Shammi doing challenges most of the day. In this blog, we will talk about a fun challenge named Tightrope Challenge.

You won’t believe it but this is not an ordinary Tightrope Challenge. This challenge is a Dangerous and fun Tightrope Challenge because of the madness of Shammi and his friends. In this challenge, Shammi ties a rope over the swimming pool of his house and makes five sections.

So basically Shammi makes a homemade Tightrope on his pool which has sections that were divided by lines like yellow lines, blue lines, etc. There is a dare in every section that Shammi made, as in the first section which is on the yellow line, whoever falls in it will have to drink tequila and get slapped.

Similarly on the second section is the mouse trap, on the third section is the cake which will hit you in the face if you fall in that section, after that the fourth section which has the mystery box and the last section which is on the red line has a reward of 5000 dollars.

Challenge Begins

Let me tell you one more thing before the challenge starts, Shammi plays this challenge during winter and you can imagine what it will be like to fall in the swimming pool in winter. The challenge begins and it’s blackey’s turn first. Blackey is standing on the Tightrope but he has been nervous since the beginning but still, he dares to walk on it.

But he is not able to walk very far and falls into the second section, in which dares to put a finger on a rat’s trap. blackey says that falling in that swimming pool is worse than being daring. Jayden’s turn is next but like Blackey, Jayden was initially nervous he tries and runs on the Tightrope but unfortunately, he can’t complete the challenge and falls in the very first section.

Jayden played a dangerous Tightrope Challenge

After this Jayden has to fulfill his dare in which he drinks tequila and gets a slap by Shammi. Now it is the turn of Shammi, Shammi spends a lot of time in winter for fear of falling into the water. But Shammi had to do this challenge, so he does it, but like the rest, he too cannot do it.

Shammi falls in the third section and Shammi is hit with a cake to make his face a cake face. And lastly, it is the turn of Austin to try but he is also unlucky and he is in the same condition as Shammi because he too falls in the third section. Till now everyone was trying and no one was able to complete this challenge so everyone plays another round.

Round 2

And in this round as before, blackey comes first to the challenge and as before, blackey is not able to complete the challenge this time too. In this challenge everything is as before except for one thing, he gets a new dare he falls in the fourth section so he gets the Mystery box which is empty. Because of this, he avoids performing the dare.

Jayden’s second turn comes like before, but this time Jayden does wonders, he completes the challenge and wins a reward of 5000 dollars. After this, it is Shammi’s turn but he falls in the first section, after which he has to dare. And finally, it’s Austin’s turn and Austin is not able to complete challenges like before but his dare was funny as he falls in section three.

When the cake is finished in section 3, Shammi replaces it with a bottle of milk, which Austin has to drink a full bottle. Austin takes it anyway but he vomits after that and with that, this blog ends I hope you liked my narration also if you want to enjoy such funny blogs, click on the link given below.

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