Shammi’s special tug of war


Shammi’s special tug of war

Shammi and Jayden doing Tug-of-war

All of you are welcome in this new blog Shammi’s special tug of war so stay with us Inside this blog, In this blog, there is an Intense Tug of War between Shammi and Jayden and this is not a minor tug of war, you know that if Shammi is doing a challenge then it cannot be just a simple challenge. Before the challenge starts, let us tell you that this thing happened when it was cold weather in Australia and it was freezing on the day Shammi did the challenge.

Before playing the tug of war, Shammi explains that this tug of war will not be easy. The twist inside is that there will be a tub full of ice in the middle and both the contestants will have to stand on the icebox, then start a tug of war and whoever falls in that ice-filled tub will have to stay in that ice-filled tub for at least 10 seconds.

After telling all about the challenge, now it is the turn to set up, for this, Shammi wanted ice, so he first brings ice and after that, the challenge starts. The fun comes now when Blakey also gets involved as a referee, so it’s time for the tug of war after putting the ice in the tub.

Blackey after falling into a tub of ice

So the tug of war begins and both Shammi and Jayden are ready for their first-round and Shammi is defeated in his first turn so he has to submerge his head in ice-filled water for 10 seconds. The water is very cold, due to which Shami’s condition worsens, after that, there are other rounds in which Jayden loses and sometimes Shammi but at the end of the challenge, Shammi is defeated by Jayden.

Jayden defeats Shammi 5-2 Each round of this tug of war is different from the first, in which both Shammi and Jaden turn in opposite directions and then pull each other. In one such round, Shammi and Jaden’s waist is tied with Rashi and then both of them pull each other. In one such round, Shammi and Jayden’s waist is tied with a rope, and then both pull each other in Tug of war, Another found Shammi and Jayden playing tug of war while standing on a skateboard. This challenge was hilarious, I said, this is not a minor tug of war, this is Shammi’s special tug of war.

In the end, Blakey and Austin are also dropped into that ice-filled tub, and Blakey’s reaction after falling into the tub is worth watching. And with that this blog ends I hope you liked my narration, click on the link given below to read more such funny articles.

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