Some hilarious posts of Shammi on Instagram


Some hilarious posts of Shammi on Instagram

All of you are welcome in this new blog titled Some hilarious posts of Shammi on Instagram so stay with us In today’s blog, we will talk about some funny posts being posted on Shammi’s Instagram, as you all know Shammi is one of the biggest pranksters in Australia. Shammi entertains everyone with his mischievous antics. Do you remember how Shammi once filled Jayden’s bathroom with soap bubbles and Jayden had a lot of trouble cleaning his bathroom because of Shammi but still that was funny?

Today we will talk about such a funny Instagram post, so let’s start with the first post which is the caption Funny Dare challenges This is a really funny post, which has got more than 7.5 lakhs views and 67 thousand likes. Inside this post, Josh gives a funny challenge to Shammi that he rolls down the hill, for this, Josh closes Shammi with tape and then rolls Shammi from the hill. Shammi also gives a challenge to Josh to steal a truck belonging to a random guy and Josh completes this challenge as well.

The owner of the truck runs after Josh. But When he sees the camera in Shammi’s hand, he understands that this is just a prank If you want to enjoy this post then click on the link given below.

Funny Dare challenges

Similarly, this second post is of Shammi whose caption is When you’re stuck in traffic This post is also very funny in this you will get to see what Shammi and Austin do when they are stuck in traffic. This video has got 60 thousand likes, if you have not seen this video yet, then click on the link given below and enjoy, and don’t forget to like.

When you're stuck in traffic

This is the last and last post of Shammi in this blog whose caption is Bamm Shammi has posted it on Instagram recently, This is a really funny post, which has got more than 31 thousand likes in just 7 hours. Inside this post, Shammi stands behind the door wearing a big punching glove and as soon as his friends come inside, he gets a big punch on his face, that’s why the name of this post is Bamm.

And similarly, when Shammi was walking in his garden, Paulie was hiding behind the bushes and as Shammi passes by, Paulie attacks her stomach with a punching bag. After this, Shammi also takes revenge and sees him enjoy the post by clicking on the link given below and also following Shammi on Instagram. and with that, this blog ends I hope you liked my narration.


Do you know Shammi lives in Sydney city of Australia if you want to know about Shammi’s life then click on the full bio of Shammi?

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