Soracom is chosen to Connect Advanced IoT Monitoring and Control Systems


Soracom allows Charge Analytics to connect Toracom, a global provider of advanced IoT connectivity, announced that Charge Analytics has selected Soracom to provide ultra-reliable cellular IoT connectivity for remote monitoring and control systems in highly regulated industries, including healthcare. Data such as temperature, air flow, humidity, and air quality are transmitted from indoor and outdoor industrial plants to secure cloud platforms for remote access, analysis, and support.

A IoT-based e-health monitoring system architecture | Image Source – researchgate

Charge Analytics needs reliable Internet of Things connectivity because many of its customers monitor locations in remote locations. There are times when connecting to Wi-Fi is not possible, especially in large buildings such as factories or power plants. This results in potential security risks.

Charge Analytics chose Soracom to connect to the cloud in a reliable way, wherever monitoring is needed. Charge Analytics also places a high priority on offering robust systems that are easy to set up and operate, while maintaining low upfront costs and subscription fees. By simplifying, customers are able to achieve both cost and time savings, increase safety, and enhance operational efficiency. Soracom also enabled SIM cards to “hibernate” between testing and deployment, enabling a significant cost reduction.

According to Gerry Kaelin, director of business development at Charge Analytics, continuous monitoring of air quality is a mission-critical concern for many highly regulated industries. By using it, important plant data can be accessed remotely from any device, anywhere.

As Charge Analytics’ founder and technical director, Ed Cline says, “Soracom helped us identify the connectivity features that best served our needs, which were key to our rapid launch and growth.” “Their technical support has been exceptional.” Customers can receive real-time expert technical assistance via Soracom connectivity from anywhere in the world, ensuring compliance with environmental standards and maximizing plant efficiency. A failure to maintain air quality standards could result in compensation claims, lawsuits, and regulatory action for these hazardous environments.

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Having advanced monitoring and control systems like the one offered by Soracom, cofounder and CTO Kenta Yasukawa says emerging solutions are crucial to meeting the demand for healthier, safer workplaces. “Our mission is to serve IoT innovators like Charge Analytics by delivering highly capable connectivity and expert support so they can take full control of their networks, connect easily to their cloud of choice, and scale deployments to millions of devices.”

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