Tajikistan Not Allow Ghani’s flight To Land


Tajikistan did not allow Former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s flight to land in the country and Ghani had to leave for Oman.

Image Source – Google | Image by – Web Desk

At the same time, after leaving the country, President Ashraf Ghani gave a statement on social media, in which he said that today I had a difficult choice to make whether I should face the armed Taliban, who wanted to enter the palace or I should be given to my beloved.

He has dedicated his life to the defense of Afghanistan in the last 20 years. If I had chosen to fight the Taliban, many civilians would have lost their lives. Kabul would have been devastated before our eyes. This city with a population of 6 million would have seen a great human tragedy.

At the same time, some media reports have claimed that Ashraf Ghani had left Kabul with four cars laden with cash and a helicopter. According to the report, due to lack of space, he left some money there. At present, where is Ashraf Ghani, no one has complete information about it. It is believed that he is preparing to go to the United States of America.

In the midst of the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, people continue to leave here. Thousands gathered at Kabul Airport on Monday, people wanted to leave the country by any flight or any medium. However, the operation of the planes was stopped in the afternoon amidst an uncontrollable situation.

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