Top 3 – Bad Things in Xiaomi phones – is Redmi a good brand


Top 3 – Bad Things in Xiaomi phones – is Redmi a good brand

Top 3 - Bad Things in Xiaomi phones - is Redmi a good brand

It is registered in Asia under the name Xiaomi Inc. and is a Chinese designer and manufacturer of consumer electronics and related products, appliances, and household products. The company is the second-largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world, and most of its devices run the MIUI operating system. The company is ranked 338th and is the youngest company on the Fortune Global 500. Here we read Top 5 Bad Things in Xiaomi phones – is Redmi a good brand.

This was a small introduction to Xiaomi But there are some bad things about Xiaomi like a bad battery, the phone slowing down after an update, etc. Next, we will know what are the things in Xiaomi’s mobiles that we should not ignore, and before buying the phone, we should also pay attention to those things once.

1 – poor battery

The battery is an important part of any phone, no matter how fast the phone is, no matter how good it looks if its power runs out quickly. It is of no use and if such a problem comes again and again it makes us irritated. Think your phone is fully charged. But as soon as you play a game on the phone, then after a while, your phone losses half power, I am sure you will not be happy with it.

A Xiaomi phone’s battery drains too fast or the battery will perform poorly after a few months. While this problem isn’t necessarily common, it is something to keep in mind before buying a Xiaomi phone.

2 – Customer Support

Unfortunately, Xiaomi’s customer support is very poor. Xiaomi’s customer service has been criticized many times, whether it’s about responding to questions or following up on repairs. Suffice it to say, Xiaomi hasn’t passed any situation. So if you are thinking of complaining about Xiaomi or calling for any suggestion, then it is not necessary that you get the service according to your mind, but now Xiaomi is also affected by these increasing complaints. And he is thinking of working on them too. Hope all these things will be fixed soon.

3 – Overheating issue on Xiaomi phones

One of the biggest drawbacks of Xiaomi phones is their overheating issues. Numerous users have reported that their phones overheat during heavy tasks like gaming. On top of that, there are even claims that their smartphones have caught on fire due to overheating. This is such a problem that you should not ignore at all, especially those people who live in hot areas.

How to Solve Over-Heating issue on Xiaomi phones

The problem of overheating is a common problem of Xiaomi phones especially the Redmi Note 3 and Mi 5 models. So here we have a simple guide that will let you fix overheating problem on the Xiaomi mobile. The following guide is compatible with the majority of the Xiaomi devices.

Solution 1: Do not use a duplicate charger

The charger that comes with your phone. Use the same charger to charge your phone’s battery. Sometimes the charger of our phone gets damaged. In this case, we need a new charger. In this situation, we have 2 options. The first is that we bring an original charger for your phone or the second option is to bring a duplicate charger. The duplicate charger is cheaper than the original charger. That’s why most people choose to buy a duplicate charger. You don’t make such a mistake because the duplicate charger heats your phone. The duplicate charger charges the phone slowly. So always use the original charger.

Solution 2: Upgrade to the latest version

As a smartphone is equipped with many apps and features, there are several reasons why it can overheat. So, first, you need to make sure the firmware on the device is up-to-date. It is the manufacturer’s policy to release MIUI updates periodically to address various issues such as overheating. You can check for updates manually by going to Settings > About phone > System updates.

Solution 3: Remove the live wallpaper

You will notice a difference when you remove live wallpaper from your device. Hopefully, by now you’ve fixed the overheating issue with your respective MIUI devices. Using simple wallpapers helps to save energy on your phone as well as solve a heating issue.

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