What did Shammi do on the skateboard?


What did Shammi do on the skateboard?

What did Shammi do on the skateboard

All of you are welcome in this new blog titled What did Shammi do on the skateboard? so stay with us Inside this blog, we are going to see an Interesting race in which Shammi, Austin, and Jaden participate. Before talking about the race, let me tell people who don’t know where Shammi lives. Shammi is from Gold Coast Australia and Gold Coast is known for its beautiful beaches But since he has come from an old place to live here, he does not live near the beach.

So he decides that there will be a race from his house to the beach, he has to run with the chair on which he is sitting now And you cannot change the position in which you tie the chair with you before starting the race, in that same position you will have to complete the race. There is also a rule of this race that while going on the road, they cannot spend even 1 cent to help themselves.

They can ask for help from anyone but not with money. So before the race starts, let me tell you one more thing Shammi’s house is at a distance of 15 kilometers from the beach, so this race is not going to be easy. After stating the rules, it’s time to race and all our players are ready to race. The race begins, and everyone begins to tie their chairs on themselves. After this, Shammi takes a Skateboard with you, Jayden takes a bicycle to complete the race and Austin uses the mower for the race yes you read that right a mower our Austin uses a mower to finish the race.

The race starts now

Shammi, Austin, and Jayden discussed the rules before the race

The race starts and Shammi brings headphones with him and listens to the motivational speech on his phone. There are many funny stories in the race as Jayden’s bicycle does not have brakes and this is revealed while traveling downside on the hill road. Similarly, Shammi also gets very tired while driving the skateboard but Austin had no problem as he was completing this race sitting on the mower.

After walking for some time Shammi decides to take the lift and luckily Shammi gets the lift, with great difficulty Shammi is able to sit in the car with his chair. Shammi was going in the car now but Jayden’s condition was getting worse now because of cycling and now Austin was also having trouble because you all know that the mower moves very slowly.

Eventually, Shammi reaches the beach, on the other hand, Jayden and Austin were still busy completing the race. Austin stops on the way and eats food, breaking the rule, after a while, Jaden and Austin also reach the beach. Shammi first reaches Jayden on the second number and lastly reaches Austin on the beach.

I hope you liked my narration, click on the link given below to read more such funny articles.

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