What did Shammi mix in the water?


What did Shammi mix in the water?

Shammi mixed chlorine in the water

All of you are welcome in this new blog titled What did Shammi mix in the water? so stay with us Inside this blog, we will see how Shammi pranks all the boys in the morning. So the day starts and Shammi gets up first, Shammi tells that he is the first to wake up today and he is thinking of doing a small prank on the boys.

Shammi thinks of doing a prank and has an idea that he will make all the boys drink water with chlorine. For this, Shammi further tells that he has to change the water bottle every two or three days So to prank, today instead of the clean water bottle, he will fill the chlorine water of the swimming pool in the empty bottle.

Later, Shammi does the same, he fills the empty bottle with chlorinated water and waits for the boys. First of all, Jayden becomes the victim of this prank by Shammi, as soon as Jayden comes to the kitchen to drink water, Shammi acts to shoot a vlog in front of Jayden so that Jayden does not suspect him.

Jayden comes to the kitchen and drinks water, after drinking a little water from it, Jayden comes to know that there is a problem with this water. On asking Shammi, Shammi tells that he has mixed chlorine water in it.

Austin drinks chlorine  water

Jayden also finds this prank funny, so he does not get angry about it, after Jayden, Austin comes to the kitchen to drink water, this time both Shammi and Jayden start vlogging so that Austin does not suspect them. Austin drinks a full glass of water, he does not realize that the water tastes bad. Austin drinks another glass of water and then he realizes that the water contains was chlorine.

Shammi and Jayden laugh at Austin when he drinks a full glass of water. Austin also laughs at himself when everyone has drank chlorinated water, how could Blakey survive it? Finally, Blakey Comes into the kitchen for drinking water but he does not drink a full glass of water like Austin, he understands only after drinking a little water.

Shammi enjoys doing this prank, Shammi also gives a lesson to all the boys that it is not only their responsibility to change the water bottle. And with that this blog ends I hope you liked my narration, click on the link given below to read more such funny articles.

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