What happened to Paulie


What happened to Paulie Who did this to Paulie? 

Paulie after hitting by several bullets

All of you are welcome in this new blog titled What happened to Paulie so stay with us In this blog, So Shammi and others go to the gun shop to play the game, this is not a real gun. After reaching there, everyone checks them by firing several guns one by one, to check they all use the shooting range of the shop.

After seeing the guns, everyone takes their guns and plays the game, there is no team in this game, all are singles. We can call this a kind of warm-up game because after this the real game is played. The game we were eagerly waiting for was Red Light Green Light Game. Before the game starts, Shammi explains the rules of the game to everyone so that there is no problem during the game and the game can be played well.

The rules of the game were as follows: First of all, everyone would stand on the starting line, a red light would be called a green light from the mic; a green light would mean you can now walk and a red light would mean you had to stop and the red light would be Caught moving on the light he will be shot and he will start again from the starting line. And the one who continues to move towards the finish line and is not caught while moving at the red light will win the game.

So now I have explained the rules of the game to all of you, know what happened in the game, but if you have not read about Paulie putting a fish in Austin’s underwear while fishing before going ahead, then definitely read it, click on the link given below to see it.

Paulie put a fish in Austin’s underwear while fishing

Shammi Green light Red light game

Okay, so now let’s talk about the game, after telling the rules of the game, it is decided that Shammi will run the gun and everyone else will try to come from the starting line towards the finish line. For this, Shammi chooses his favorite gun which is a machine gun, let me tell you once again this is not a real gun, it is an air gun.

Finally, it is time for the game to start, and the game begins the one who gets shot at the beginning of the game is, unfortunately, Austin, and then Austin starts again from the starting line. And after this, Polly gets shot due to shaking at the red light. When Shammi shoots Paulie, everyone is laughing to see Paulie’s reaction after being shot on it, Shammi falls because of laughing.

Blackey is the first to end the game by reaching the finish line without even getting shot once. Austin and Paulie were hit by the most bullets and hit by some more shots, Austin and the rest manage to reach the finish line. But Paulie can’t do it, In the end, he is left alone due to which he is considered a loser.

With this, this funny game ends, I hope you liked my narration, click on the link given below to read more such funny articles.

Paulie put a fish in Austin’s underwear while fishing

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