What is Shammi trying to do with the dead chicken?


What is Shammi trying to do with the dead chicken?

What is Shammi trying to do with the dead chicken

All of you are welcome in this new blog titled What is Shammi trying to do with the dead chicken? so stay with us Inside this blog Shammi brings a brand new roller skate for Austin and himself, after which Shammi shows this roller skate to Austin. Austin also likes this roller skate very much Austin’s roller skates are of pink color, which Austin likes Shammi tells that because of Austin’s favorite color I have to get the biggest size roller skate.

Austin tells that roller skating is very good but there is a problem that he does not know how to skate, Shammi tells him that today is the chance to try it. After Shammi’s advice, Austin tries to skate, while doing this he falls two or three times, but Austin does not give up and tries more.

Shammi and Austin then think of doing a roller skating challenge for which Shammi has built a track full of challenges inside the house. Inside which Shammi and Austin have to go through the couches and then they will see a sign which says 360-degree spin which means they have to spin 360 and then move on avoiding the chairs in the house.

As soon as you leave the chairs, a round-shaped table will be placed ahead of which you will have to turn around, then pass over the table placed in the corridor and jump over one of the broomsticks.

Austin tries to skate

After reaching here, you will have to climb the stairs and after descending the stairs on the other side, one last time by turning 360 degrees, passing through the same couch from where they started, this race will end. And before the challenge starts, let me tell you that this challenge will be based on time. Shammi and Austin will go on their turn and complete the challenge and the one who will overcome all obstacles in less time will win.

Finally, the challenge begins and Austin goes first Austin has a tough start but manages to overcome all his obstacles in just 53.58 seconds. Then it’s Shammi’s turn and Shammi is all set for it. Shammi makes a good start and crosses obstacles easily but as he is coming down the stairs he sprains his ankle. Because of this Shammi completes all the hurdles in 54.45 seconds and with this, he loses to Austin the funny thing is that Austin does not know how to skate yet Austin wins.

Shammi cannot believe that he has lost but the truth is that he has lost and For what you have come here, I would suggest that you watch this video for that. with that this blog ends I hope you liked my narration, click on the link given below to read more such funny articles.

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