Where was Jayden for so long


Where was Jayden for so long

Shammi, Jayden, Dim, and Austin play the Don't Flinch Challenge Pool Table Edition

All of you are welcome in this new blog titled Where was Jayden for so long so stay with us If you follow Shammi and Jayden on social media, then you must know that these days Jayden is very busy with his work. So in this blog today we will know what is the work in which Jayden is so busy and will also talk about some funny challenges and pranks.

So in the beginning we get to see a prank, Shammi gives the idea of ​​this prank to Jayden, he gives Jayden a water gun and tells him his plan. He says I will bring Dim behind me on the pretext of work and you wait for us behind the wall and make him wet with the help of a water gun as soon as he reaches here.

Jayden does as Shammi says, he takes a water gun, fills it with water from the fountain, and makes Dim wet with the help water gun, Dim’s sudden shock reaction was terrific. After enjoying the prank, Shammi, Jayden, Dim, and Austin play the Don’t Flinch Challenge Pool Table Edition. In which everyone enjoys a lot, no one plays it for the win, they all play it just for fun.

After this, everyone eats the food of their choice from the fridge of the Macro kitchen. If you do not know about Macro Kitchen, So let me tell you that Macro Kitchen is a type of food service in which Jayden provides a nutritious healthy meal to the people.

Everyone is enjoying macro kitchen food

In this, the food is pre-cooked, you just have to choose your favorite food and order it one more thing doesn’t forget to Use Code ‘winter40’ at checkout. In this, the choice of all the people has been taken care of, so it does not matter whether you are vegetarian, non-vegetarian, or vegan, Macro Kitchen has food for you. Macro Kitchen was started by Jayden and he is running it.

And because of this work, he was busy these days, but the matter does not end here. Jayden has another surprise for all of you, on which he has been working for the last six months. But he can’t tell you about it right now when it is completely complete, after that he will tell you all about it. So stay connected with us, as soon as there is any news related to Jayden’s surprise, we will try to write a blog on it immediately.

If Anyone is interested in Macro Kitchen and wants to enjoy their delicious food, simply click on Macro Kitchen and you will be taken to the official website. and with that, this blog ends I hope you liked my narration also if you want to enjoy such funny blogs, click on the link given below.

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