Who is this guy on whose face Jayden hit the cake


Who is this guy on whose face Jayden hit the cake

Who is this guy on whose face Jayden hit the cake

All of you are welcome in this new blog titled Who is this guy on whose face Jayden hit the cake so stay with us In this blog, we will know how Shammi disturb Austin and Jayden by locking them in their room. Shammi plans to tie the door of Austin’s room to the door of Jayden’s room and to do this, Shammi takes the help of Blakey. After this, Shammi calls both of them out with a sound on the door and when both Austin and Jayden try to come out, they learn that Shammi has locked their door with a rope.

Austin and Jayden are very angry with this action of Shammi and ask Shammi to open the door, but Shammi does not care about anything, Jayden tells that he has to go to the doctor, and he has an apportionment with the doctor but Shammi Even after hearing this, Shammi does not open the door.

After teasing Austin and Jayden for a while, Shammi and Blakey go skating by closing them both like this. blakey and Shammi do a lot of awesome stunts while doing skating and with this Shammi also uses his electric skateboard to enjoy electric skating, Shammi ties a kid’s bicycle to his electric skateboard and blakey sits on the bicycle, and Shammi on a skateboard and so on both have a lot of fun.

Shammi lock Jayden and Austin in their room

After skating, Shammi and Blakey return home to see Austin and Jayden, and Shammi discovers that both of them are very angry, especially Austin. So Shammi makes a plan with Blakey, Shammi tells Blakey to do something so that all of Austin’s anger will shift to Jayden, for this he will have to make a deal with Jayden.

Shammi makes a deal with Jayden and calls Jayden and tells him that if he helps him in troubling Austin, he will open the door to his room. Jayden agrees with Shammi and then Shammi explains his plan to Jayden, he tells her that as soon as he opens the door to Austin’s room, Austin will immediately run after him in anger, only then Jayden will hide somewhere in the middle, and Suddenly coming out will hit Austin’s face by cake.

After this, what happens as Shammi thinks, Shammi opens Austin’s door and Austin angrily runs after Shammi and as planned, Jayden walks out suddenly and throws cake on Austin’s face. Austin gets very angry with this and he leaves the house in anger I believe Austin will be back soon but it was all very funny and with that this blog ends I hope you liked my narration, Click on the link below to read more interesting articles like this.

Shammi did the Ice Bath challenge on Austin’s birthday

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