Why Guards want to stop Shammi


Why Guards want to stop Shammi

Why Guards want to stop Shammi

All of you are welcome in this new blog titled Why Guards want to stop Shammi so stay with us If you have ever done a motorbike race, then you would know how exciting and fun it is, In this blog, we will tell you what happens when Shammi races on a motorbike. But this is not a common race that is done on the road or on any rough road, Shammi thinks of doing this race in the shopping center.

This race is between Shammi and Austin, Shammi uses a toy motorbike to race, which Shammi goes to the shopping center to buy. There, when Shammi buys a motorbike and after that while going to the counter, Shammi’s eyes fell on a child who was looking at the toys. Shammi decides to get him a toy of his choice. Shammi asks that child what he wants and on asking, he chooses a toy car.

Shammi gives him the car that that child wanted, and that child becomes very happy. And also gives a high five to Shammi in happiness, friends, I like this thing about Shammi, Shammi’s heart is very big, and he always makes everyone happy like this. After coming home from the shopping center, we get to see Shammi and Austin’s motorbikes which looked really cool.

After this Shammi tells us that he will go to the shopping center to race. Before leaving, Austin tells that he does not know how to ride this bike, but Shammi tells Austin that there is no need to worry. Shammi calls his friend who is a professional motocross man then Shammi’s friend comes and he teaches them to ride a bike.

Shammi and Austin race in the shopping center and escape from the guards

After learning to ride a bike, Shammi and Austin go to the shopping center to race, but when Shammi was going to the shopping center with his bike, it is found that there is a security guard at the front door. Shammi waits for a while to escape from the security guard, after that when the security guard leaves, Shammi and Austin go inside and start the race.

The race starts and everyone’s reaction was worth watching. Some people were looking at Shammi and Austin in surprise. Shammi and Austin both have a lot of fun and in the end, Austin wins the race. Even after the race, Shammi and Austin enjoyed a bike ride in the shopping center. But perhaps the guards there did not like all this and while Shammi was riding a bike, a man stops Shammi so that he can catch Shammi.

Guards tell Shammi and Austin to stop but Shammi and Austin manage to escape, later it is revealed that one Guard was Shammi’s fan. and with that, this blog ends I hope you liked my narration also if you want to enjoy such funny blogs, click on the link given below.

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